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:bulletpink: Here Are just some Simple Rules and other things you should follow:

:bulletpurple: Becoming a Member:

:bulletgreen: If you wanna be a member you can! There is no need to ask! All members are accepted automatically!

:bulletgreen: And of course you got to be a member if you want to contribute any and all art to this group!

:bulletgreen: When we need a contributor or/and a Co-founder we will let you know with a journal. So please don't spam us with comments asking if you would like to be a Co-founder/Contributor.

:bulletgreen: You don't even have to contribute, just join! What we want is Link fans to have fun. :D

:bulletpurple: Submitting Art, Favorites and Voting Process:

:bulletblue: What You Can Submit To This Group:

:bulletblack: Fan-Art (Any traces of official art too)
:bulletblack: Crafts
:bulletblack: Cosplay
:bulletblack: Fan-Fictions
:bulletblack: Any Picture that has any Link (This includes Zelda collections.)
:bulletblack: Stamps
:bulletblack: Anything else that I didn't say.

:bulletblue: All deviations have to go threw the voting process.

:bulletblue: Anything that mentions, shows, ect. Link is accepted.

:bulletblue: You can Submit M-Rated Art but, it has to have at least a warning!

:bulletblue: (This is an example) If it were to be a plain Princess Zelda Drawing it will not accepted, but if it has Link in it then yes, it will be accepted!

:bulletblue: The featured folder is OFF LIMITS to everyone, except admins. If you would like you deviation to be in the featured folder, please tell any admin, and it will go threw the voting process. ;)

:bulletblue: (This is another example) If you submit for example a Twilight Princess Link drawing in the Ocarina of Time folder, it will not accepted. You can try again and put it in the right folder and then we will accept it.

:bulletblue: If you don't know which folder to submit it, then please comment or note us.

:bulletblue: You can only submit 1 submissions per folder, per day!

:bulletpurple:Other Rules:

:bulletyellow: Please don't spam us or advertise anything on here. This group is meant for Link fan-art, not craigslist.

:bulletyellow: If an admin sees an amazing piece of art being submitted, it may be changed to the featured folder. :la:

Gallery Folders

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Link - Zelda WiiU
See you next year... by L-K1
Breath Of The Wild: Link by e-hima
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Art Trade-palahniuksin666 by EzzieLynn
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Hyrule Warriors: Link by miistic-liight
Link gauntlets by gamesgirl44
Link - Hyrule Warrior by samui153
Hyrule Warriors Link by katcatlinkattack
Link - A Link Between Worlds
Painting Link and Irene by yspc
Art dump by To0nLink
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Past Hero Link is Disappoint: Part 6 by hopelessromantic721
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Hylia and the Past Hero: Part 1 by hopelessromantic721
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Link - Spirit Tracks
#18 Toon Link by Gelodevs
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The Legend of Zelda - Link by WestSideYo314
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Link against the world by eimiko-chan
Link galore! [WP] by Aenea-Jones
Legend of Zelda Phantom hourglass manga by stopmotionOSkun
Link IV [PH] by Aenea-Jones
Link - Smash Bros. Series
Link by Jaylastar
Toon Link - Super Smash Bros Brawl by reniervivas666
Pit VS. Link by Katie-Kat-Yo
Link, the Hylian by The-Ice-Castle
Link - Twilight Princess
TLoZ Link - Winter Morning by TheHummingInker
Twilight princess the manga - cover by haithuong313
Ordon Link Redraw by fishter911
Link - Pixel Art by NeoZ7
Link - The Minish Cap
Zelda Minishcap by Matthew-Fuller
The Legend of Zelda : Minish Cap by ADistantDiamondSky
The Legend of Zelda Minish Cap by chaiiro03
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Mature Content

Link - The Wind Waker and Remake
The Wind Waker by Davey4Life
Link - Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages
Loz Oracle of Seasons by Championx91
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Link and his slangshot by Linkmastersword456
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Link - A Link to the Past
A Link to The Past's Link by Agent-Jin
Link - Original Zelda and Zelda ll
Hero of Hyrule by Ragarianok
Link Cosplay
LoZ: Skyward Sword - Into the woods by NexitahInnocentLover
Female Link
Link from the deep by haithuong313
Toon Love by charliethemew012
Other Couples

Mature Content

Link Crafts
Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Knit Mittens by kateknitsalot
Link Comics
Past Hero Link is Disappoint: Part 2 by hopelessromantic721
Link Misc.
Link by Kumadawg
Goron, Deku, Zora, and Fierce Deity Link
Legend of Zelda: Fierce Deity by ArtySpartyGirl
Dark Link
DARK LINK-MTR by Christy58ying
Wolf Link
Wolf Link by sonicxjones
Fan-Fictions Of Link
Link- Stamps
Zelda stamp by Take-an-Umbrella

Group Info

Hello! This group is for any zelda fans who admier Link from The Legend Of Zelda! Link can be called many things but we just love him, so don't heistate just join!
Founded 6 Years ago
Apr 21, 2012


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Link, Zelda, The Legend of Zelda

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Hello Link fans, I apologize for my inactivty latey ^^'

Anyway It has almost been 1 year I opened up this group on April 21, 2012! :) I still cannot beileve over 500+ members and still growing! :la:

I really wanna do something special for all you valued members, but IDK? Have any ideas u wanna metion? Comment below!

I also have another idea. I have an Instagram myself and I was wondering should I make a page for all the Link fans in this group that have an Instagram and I can feature daily pics of things submited to the group? I dunno yet. It will be kinda hard manging 2 accounts at once though...:?

Also in Zelda news, If u people haven't heard yet Nintendo is making a Wind Waker HD for the WiiU. I saw on Instagram that it would come out in November in this year, just like Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, & Ocarina Of Time! :D I heard they are going to present that with Super Smash Bros. 4 in e3 later this year in LA also! OMG I cannot wait for SSB!!!! Which charcter do you want Nintendo to apper in SSB4? Me? Personly I would like a Toon or young Princess Zelda & the Fabulos Ghirahim of cource.:XD:

In Zelda symphony news, I saw Zelda Symphony tickets are going real fast! :nod: So if u wanna go I suggest getting real soon! If ur like me, wating for cheap $40 tickets in the Greek Theater show on June 12, 2013 to go sale, we're in a lot of luck! The tickets go on Pre-Internet-sale this Friday (April 12, 2013) At 10: 00 AM PST (LA time). The general public sale tickets go on sale the following Saturday @ 10: 00 AM PST also! Well, I'm probly gonna be some of the 1st ones to get a ticket! Also all the other Symphony concerts of Zelda going around the world are all on sale. I saw Zelda concerts are going in Japan, London, Austraila, and all the United States! xD

If any of u people wanna get more info on Zelda Sympony ticket sale and the schedual go to the offical website:

Or go on to Ticketmaster to buy them:

Want more info on Zelda Wind Waker HD or SSB4? Go on to for news and updates!:

Have any questions on anything of this? Also comment below!

Until more news, goodbye, people!

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shibblesgiggles01 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2017  Student Artisan Crafter
wolf link plush for sale

Wolf Link Plush for sale (Auction) by shibblesgiggles01
tallydraws Featured By Owner May 12, 2017
Submissions expiring.  Dead group?
SilenZahra Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hello! I'd like to know if there's any problem with this group. I've been trying to submit a deviation, but it's not neither accepted nor rejected. Is there any problem? Could anyone answer me, please? Thanks! :aww:
Radlady Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2015
Hi there! I'd like to apologize for the long response time, as well as thank you for being so kind and patient when pointing this problem out to us.
I've noticed recently that hardly any of the works submitted to us recently have been going through, yours included unfortunately. I believe this may be an error on our end, not yours, so please don't worry about that. Thing is, before a deviation can be submitted into the group, all five of us (the Founder, my 3 fellow Co-Founders and myself) must vote on whether to accept or reject it. Since it seems no new works are being added or declined I think that someone has been inactive lately, and thus the lack of response on your work being accepted or not. And all submission requests "time out" if all of us don't vote by a certain time, thus cancelling out as if the request had never been made in the first place.
Of course this is complete speculation on my part, and I could be completely wrong. The problem could lie somewhere else entirely, but no matter what it is, I promise we will find a solution ASAP.
Thank you for your time and patience. :)
SilenZahra Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hello! Thanks a lot for answering me :aww:
Don't worry, I understand the way it works and the fact that there could be a delay. I was just worried because I had tried twice to submit the picture and received no answer ^^; But there's no problem, I can try again later, when the problem is solved :meow:
Thanks again, really :aww:
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